NHS Citizen Assembly

Thank you to everyone who took part in the NHS Citizen Assembly on Wednesday the 25th November.  You can watch the recordings of the whole day here.

Over 250 members of the public attended this meeting in person to discuss five healthcare issues with the NHS England Board and senior NHS England leaders. People also joined in online via social media and the live webcasts, too. It was a great day, full of discussion and collaboration on how healthcare should progress over the next five years.


The 5 issues discussed at this year’s Assembly meeting:

  1. Support for people with dementia post diagnosis | View the online conversation | Watch the webcast
  2. Comprehensive psychosocial approaches to mental health | View the online conversation | Watch the webcast
  3. Preventing premature deaths | View the online conversation | Watch the webcast
  4. Improving Health Outcomes for Looked-after Children and Young People | View the online conversation | Watch the webcast
  5. Transparency in Clinical Commissioning Group Decision Making | View the online conversation | Watch the webcast

These issues were selected by a Citizens’ Jury. You can now read the Citizens Jury Summary Report to get an overview of this 2-day event and the discussions that took place.

Please read these blogs for more information on this event:

NHS Citizen Assembly Information

What is the NHS Citizen Assembly?

The NHS Citizen Assembly is a meeting to bring citizens and the board of NHS England together to collaborate on 5 citizen-generated issues that can influence the strategic priorities of the NHS. These meetings will occur twice a year and are a key part of the NHS Citizen programme – a national programme to involve more people in NHS England decision making.

What are the objectives for the NHS Citizen Assembly meetings?

  • Explore five people-generated issues which are important to health and well-being in England, resulting in a clear sense of where improvements are needed
  • Provide participants with an opportunity to learn about the issues, deliberate on them and co-design solutions together
  • Provide members of the board with an opportunity to listen to citizens views on the 5 issues, explore solutions together, and make commitments on next steps
  • Identify key learnings that will help to shape the future direction of the NHS Citizen programme

How can I find out more about the issues that were discussed?

As well as watching the webcasts for each discussion and looking at the online Twitter conversations, you can also Download NHS Citizen Assembly Issue Evidence Pack. This evidence pack provides background information on each of the 5 issues discussed at the Assembly. There is also an easy read version of the Evidence Pack available: Easy Read Version of Evidence Pack

For more information on the NHS Citizen Assembly…

Please view the NHS Citizens Assembly Frequently Asked Questions.


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About Previous Citizens’ Assemblies

On the 18th of September, 2014,  the first NHS Citizen Assembly took place. The NHS England Board discussed important issues for the NHS with members of the general public.

What happened?

Read the Assembly report – download the zipped PDF here: NHS Citizen Assembly 2014 Test Report.

Read the Assembly Learning report – here: Assembly test 18th September 2014 Team Learning Report.

On the 25th of March, 2015, we met with the NHS England Board to discuss what’s happened to these issues visit: Assembly Review and Stocktake | Assembly Meeting Guide Easy Read version

Watch last years Assembly

You can watch the Assembly, by visiting our webcasting site. There you’ll be able to see both the main webcast, which started and ended the day, and the separate issue discussions.

Click here to watch the webcasts.