Welcome to the NHS Citizen design

In 2013 the NHS Citizen project team was commissioned to develop a blueprint for how citizens can play a more active role in NHS England’s decision making in the future.

The NHS Citizen project team started an ‘open design’, holding events to talk about NHS Citizen and to model and test how it would work.

Over the next one and a half years, and with the help of people from a variety of backgrounds and interests in healthcare, these ideas were developed and improved. The result is the NHS Citizen design.

This design has two main parts:

  • There are the tools and processes to give citizens a more powerful voice in NHS decision-making and enable citizens to hold the board of NHS England to account.
    Read about this in What is NHS Citizen.
  • There is an investigation of what this means both for the NHS and for citizens, including patients, NHS staff and everyone who has a stake in the NHS’s future.
    Read about this in How it Works.

The design is the starting point for a further stage of NHS Citizen, where the tools and processes can be built and the work to establish and understand a new way for us all to take part in the NHS can develop.

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Learn about the design project

You can learn more about how NHS Citizen started in Understanding NHS Citizen, but this video from Access Dorset is a great introduction to the project.

What is NHS Citizen?

Find out what NHS Citizen is. This section will help you understand:

How does NHS Citizen work?

Find out how NHS Citizen could work in the real world. This section describes how to take part in NHS Citizen and what it means to be an NHS Citizen.