What is NHS Citizen?

Discover, gather and assembly connected together and resulting in success

A graphic facilitator’s representation of the NHS Citizen system captured at the Bristol design workshop

The design of NHS Citizen includes a set of tools and processes that help citizens to take part in NHS England decision making, called the NHS Citizen system.

This section explains the technical design of the system and how it enables citizens to raise and discuss issues that can be addressed by NHS England.

The design of NHS Citizen assumes that how citizens behave is as important as the NHS Citizen system itself. You can read about this and how people can get involved in NHS Citizen in the ‘How it works‘ section.


In What is NHS Citizen

Each part of this section describes a different part of the NHS Citizen system. You can learn more about how these different parts work together in the full Introduction, including the System Diagram.

Culture change and citizenship

The work to understand how NHS culture could change to work with NHS Citizen, it also includes a section describing our work on NHS Citizenship.


A space where NHS citizens can raise issues, connect discussions and evidence, and reach conclusions that can then be sent to the right part of the NHS for a response.


A meeting where the most significant issues of the preceding six months can be discussed by NHS citizens and the NHS England Board.

Governance and Democracy

What is needed for NHS Citizen to be governed fairly and transparently.

Supporting the System

How NHS Citizen needs to be supported to create connected and good-quality discussions.

Technical Infrastructure

What technology and infrastructure are needed for this all to work.

Development Sites

How NHS Citizen is being developed by work in local NHS areas.

What next

Lastly, we describe what will happen next, in the next phase of NHS Citizen.