The Future of NHS Citizen

We have been asked to post this statement on behalf of Anu Singh.    Dear NHS Citizens, I am aware from online discussions there have been a number of questions regarding the future direction of NHS Citizen. I wanted to take this opportunity to explain the situation and set out the next steps. NHS England is proud of what NHS Citizen has achieved to date. The approach we have taken together on co-production all the way through the design phase has led to a rich diversity of thousands of citizen voices contributing to discussions with NHS England’s Board and changes being made to the way programmes are delivered. Although the programme has been successful at hearing from citizens we also know there are areas in which the programme could be improved as the recent learning report shows. NHS England are currently carrying out a number of different strands of work around NHS Citizen: continuing internal conversations around the issues raised at the Assembly and in Gather last year; thinking about the design process for a new NHS Citizen online presence; and thinking about the existing arrangements for engagement online and offline, and what changes may need to be made in line with the organisation’s [read on]

NHS Citizen Learning Report available

Following activities that have been undertaken between January and March 2016, the NHS Citizen Learning report is now available here.  This report seeks to reflect the diversity of views captured through a survey, interviews, focus groups and online discussions with citizens, NHS England staff and Board members, as well as learning from the team delivering NHS Citizen. We look forward to your comments on the report, which can be shared online via the Gather website, and to the future of NHS Citizen.   Heather Stradling On behalf of the NHS Citizen Team

NHS Citizen: Apologies for the wait

We apologise for the time it has taken to reach resolution on the next stage of the development of NHS Citizen. NHS England  is currently working on design and implementation of new Sustainability and Transformation Plans, which include patient and public participation in both design and delivery and will be part of the next iteration of NHS Citizen. While the discussions are continuing on these, Gather will remain open for new ideas and discussions, but we are not able to set a new date for an Assembly. The original intention had been to hold an Assembly in May, we are not able to give a new date yet but will do as soon as this is clear. Please accept our apologies on behalf of NHS England for this delay and we hope to report back with further developments as soon as we can. Anu Singh (NHS England) Simon Burall (Involve) Camilla Child (Tavistock Institute) Anthony Zacharzewski (Democratic Society) If you want to comment on this post or any other on the blog, please join in the discussion on Gather - this public discussion analysing NHS Citizen and its future is a good place to post about this issue.

Citizens’ Jury and Assembly Learning Reports now published

The Citizens’ Jury and Citizens’ Assembly learning reports are now available to download. These reports reflect on the two events, which took place in autumn of last year, and consider what worked well and what could be improved in the future. These reports complement the current learning phase of the programme but do not draw on the findings from recent learning activities. Instead the reports use the data collected immediately after the events through evaluation forms and team feedback. Download the Citizens’ Jury Learning Report:

Download the Assembly Learning Report: To find out more about what was discussed during the Citizens’ Jury and Assembly and the format of these events please read the full reports, available here. If you want to comment on this post or any other on the blog, please join in the discussion on Gather - this public discussion analysing NHS Citizen and its future is a good place to post about this topic.

NHS Citizen: What learning activity is telling us so far…

Survey results are in, some interviews and discussions have been had and we can begin to share an overview of some of the key messages that are beginning to emerge. A fuller version (with all the statistics) will be available later, but it would be great to hear what you think of these initial findings. Once you have read these, please tell us what you think and what your recommendations would be to ensure the future of NHS Citizen builds on what works and changes what doesn’t. Overview of learning activity There is more information on the learning activity going on as part of NHS Citizen, here.   Below are some themes and findings emerging from the survey and feedback forms, emails and conversations with some staff members and individual citizens. If you have a specific question about the data and feedback gathered, please ask for it and if we have that information, it will be shared. Still underway are some specific activities and interviews with young people and other groups identified as being under-represented such as gypsy and travellers and/or other minority ethnic backgrounds. Survey results – Population characteristics 204 people undertook the survey. Not everyone completed every question, so percentages given relate [read on]

Messages and recommendations arising from learning activity so far

Initial results from the NHS Citizen survey and feedback forms have been collated and we can now share some of the feedback received. It has been provided by a range of citizens, health sector professionals, NHS England staff and NHS Citizen team members. This summary prioritises what has been fed back by citizens and shares some of the most commonly shared opinions as well as minority views. Further learning activity results are posted here. The bullet points below provide a summary, taken from the 104 comments received about people’s experience of NHS Citizen. Feedback shared here doesn’t represent the final conclusions or recommendations from the overall learning programme. Instead, it is an opportunity for both citizens and NHS England to get a sense of what is being said so far about what NHS Citizen is and what it could be. Your thoughts and comments on these are welcome. You can post comments below, email your comments or join discussions on the Gather website. Further updates will be provided in the coming weeks. Your reflections on these will also help inform the final report.
Feedback summary:    
  • The 104 comments ranged from being highly critical (3.8%) to extremely positive (8.7%)
[read on]

Full reports of NHS Citizen Assembly and Citizens’ Jury now published

We are pleased to announce that the full reports of the NHS Citizen Assembly and Citizens’ Jury are now available to download and view online. The reports provide an account of the discussions that took place at both events, as well providing detail about their purpose, structure and outcomes. Download the NHS Citizens’ Jury report:- as a PDF; or as a Microsoft Word document. Download the NHS Citizen Assembly report:- as a PDF; or as a Microsoft Word document. Download the glossary of terms used in the Assembly report:- as a PDF; or as a Microsoft Word document. The Citizens’ Jury was a two day event held in Stoke on Trent at which fifteen randomly selected members of the local population discussed which topics should be taken forward to the NHS Citizen Assembly in the following month. After careful consideration, the jurors voted for the following topics to go forward to the NHS Citizen Assembly:

  • Support for people with dementia post-diagnosis
  • Comprehensive psychosocial approaches to mental health
  • Improving health outcomes for looked after children and young people
  • Transparency in Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) decision making
  • Preventing premature deaths
The NHS Citizen Assembly was a one day event held in East London featuring over 200 participants, at which citizens discussed five topics relating to healthcare [read on]

NHS Citizen: Have you had your say yet?

Following our recent blogs about learning activity and the survey that has recently been published, we are delighted with the number of responses received so far.  If you have responded already, thank you.  If you haven’t, your views will be very much valued, so we hope you will choose to let us know what you think about NHS Citizen.  The survey will close at midnight on Sunday 7 February and it is really important that we get to hear as many perspectives as possible.  If you would prefer to complete a feedback form, this can be found here. And if you want to complete both, that is welcome too. The survey asks people who are happy to take part in a follow up interview to leave their contact details. Thank you if you have chosen to do this.  These details will not be gathered before 8th February, once the survey has closed, so please don’t expect to be contacted before then.  Unfortunately, it will not be possible to contact everyone who gives their contact details.  Therefore, if you do not hear from us by Friday 12th February, then on this occasion we will not be contacting you [read on]

NHS Citizen: What it is and what it could be – Have your say

NHS Citizen, as part of its commitment to ongoing learning, is bringing together what has been learnt from activities so far, to ensure that future activities continually improve.  As part of this learning, a survey has been designed so that you can tell us about your experience of NHS Citizen so far and your ideas for improvements.  To complete the survey, please click here.  The survey will close at midnight on Sunday 7 February 2016.  We want to hear as many different views as possible, so please do complete it and help share the link with people you know who have been involved in some way with NHS Citizen. If you prefer to answer the survey questions through a telephone interview, receive the survey as a word document, in large print, or need other access support, please email with your contact details or telephone 020 7417 0407.  There is also a quick feedback form available here, which you are also welcome to complete and return to us via email or by post. What is the learning about and how will my views make a difference? You can find out more about the learning programme and how it will work [read on]

NHS Citizen: What it is and what it could be

What is the learning programme about? NHS Citizen is currently undertaking a review and analysis of what has been learnt so far from its activities, to support future improvement.  You can find out about how you can have your say here. In particular, the learning programme of activities seeks to capture:

  1. How NHS Citizen works – particularly Gather, Citizens’ Jury and the Citizens’ Assembly. For instance, what changed since the co-design period and why?
  2. How NHS Citizen fits into the wider system of participation activities, mainly those at a local level.
  3. What citizens, partners and NHS England have learnt about citizenship and coproduction - the challenges and opportunities. What does it take to produce different kinds of outcomes?
  4. The value of NHS Citizen to citizens and NHS England.
Learning activity The following activities are being carried out as part of the learning programme:
  1. Review of previous learning reports and feedback gathered
  2. An online survey and quick feedback form, for you to complete
  3. A series of follow-up interviews, two focus groups and online chats
  4. A short report will be published on the NHS Citizen website in early April 2016
How can I get involved? You can get involved by completing the survey in the first instance.  This will [read on]